The Broadway and North End Neighborhoods extend from Washington Square on the south end, to the Point on the east, and Middletown to the west and north. This trendy neighborhood is home to many culturally diverse restaurants and bars. One of the best aspects about this neighborhood is that you can get anywhere fast. The Newport Bridge and Middletown can be accessed in a few minutes and downtown Newport and the beaches are only 10 minutes away.

Broadway is the gateway to Newport and it is the widest street in the city. When originally created, Broadway had to be wide enough for farmers to bring their cattle to market in Washington Square. Until the late 1800’s, the entire neighborhood was almost exclusively farmland. The Broadway area has gone through a tremendous rejuvenation over the past several decades and is now one of the most desirable yet affordable areas in Newport. There’s a unique balance of Colonial and Victorian architecture, and even a mix of modern homes.  As with most of Newport, history abounds in this neighborhood. The Wanton-Lyman Hazard House, circa 1697, is one of the oldest surviving homes in Rhode Island and sits on lower Broadway. It was home to the Royal Stampmaster and he was forced to flee from his home for his safety during the 1765 stamp act riots.

Over time, prominent Newporters built large homes along both sides of Broadway and gradually, homes began to be built further and further out from Broadway until there were virtually no more empty lots to build upon. The most prominent landmark in the neighborhood is Miantonomi Tower, which sits on top of Miantonomi Park and is the highest point in Newport. This park is the largest open space in the city with numerous walking and hiking trails. The Broadway and North End Neighborhoods are now extremely desirable areas for home buyers due to its affordability when compared to other areas of Newport. It is also extremely desirable for its convenience and proximity to the downtown area and shoreline. Don’t overlook this affordable and trendy area if you are looking to purchase a new home in Newport.